Be part of the botanical market..

Over the past 18 month the Botanicals market has seen significant growth and is predicted to increase further by up to 17% in 2017/2018.

Be part of the Botancials MarketWith the main driving factors behind this being consumers being a lot more aware of what they are putting into their body and in turn are looking for a holistic approach to treatments, with natural remedies becoming more desirable than over the counter pharmaceuticals.

Adoptogens (a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress) are expected to have the largest growth over this time.

We have been developing a new range of adoptogen based botanicals which will allow you to target this rapidly growing market.

New products include:

Rhodiola Rosea- reduces mental and physical fatigue

Ashwagandha- helps with regulating the immune system and reducing anxiety

Korean Panax Ginseng- a powerful all round adaptogen

Liquorice Root- helps with boosting energy levels, endurance and supports the immune system

Astragalus- helps with reducing fatigue

Botanicals Complex- a blend of the above botanicals to provide all round support


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