Is Vitamin D the secret weapon?

A recent article published by The Daily Mail has shown that Vitamin D could be the secret weapon in preventing our aging population from developing serious lung infections.

Weakened immune systems in the elderly is one of the leading causes of Pneumonia, bronchitis and influenza. Unfortunately, there is very little in a Doctors arsenal to try and battle these infections as antibiotics do not work against these serious viruses, rendering most common treatments ineffective.

However, findings from a recent study showed there may be a way to boost our front-line defence and take a proactive approach in preventing the risk of lung infections.

A study was carry out in over 100 nursing homes country wide where participants were split into 2 groups one getting a high dose of Vitamin D daily and the other receiving a placebo. After 12 months, the results showed that taking a high doses of Vitamin D3 reduced the risk of developing lung infections by 40%!!!

Taking a high dosage of Vitamin D can improve our bodies ability to fight infection, it does this by enhancing our immune system heightening its ability to react to initial “attaches” from viruses.

Scientists have praised the results of this study and have said it could be a lifesaving discovery reducing the risk of these potentially deadly viruses in the elderly.

Why not try some of our super strength Vitamin D like the ones used in the study, with more and more research showing the great benefits of this product it is only a matter of time before we all take it daily as part of our normal routines.

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