Food Unwrapped | Which probiotic is best for gut flora?

Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped Summer Special showed just how beneficial probiotic bacteria can be on digestive health and weight loss. With the wide range of probiotic based products on the market how do you choose which one is best to boost your gut flora?

They showed that peoples weight was effected by gut flora and thinner healthier people have a wider diverse range of gut flora containing trillions of bacteria. The two most influential types in thinner subject were Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

Food Unwrapped showed that certain products on the market aren’t as effective as they would have you believe with a number of the strains not being resistant to the acidic conditions in the stomach so they would not be able to make to the intestine to produce there intended benefits, rendering them useless.

At RedRose we can offer a solution to this. We have a wide range of delay release capsules which are resistance to the acidic conditions within the stomach, ensuring they don’t break down until they reach the intestine where the bacteria can provide its beneficial effects.

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