We can supply Vitamin A which may help to combat Alzheimer’s

Growth in Vitamin A sales due to Alzheimer’s tests

Recent publicity surrounding Vitamin A supplements has helped to promote a large surge in our sales of this popular product.

Vitamin A supplements were given to test mice subjects and the findings showed that they performed better in cognitive tests compared to other mice not given Vitamin A.

It was also shown that even a mild deficiency in vitamin A increased production of a protein that kills brain cells in the disease.  Vitamin A is most commonly found in orange and yellow fruit and veg such as carrots, apricots and yellow peppers – as well as in all green, leafy vegetables.  However for people with restricted diets or a preference for not eating these food stuffs – our Vitamin A tablets and capsules can help to overcome this deficiency.

As seen in the main stream media in articles such as:

Where can I find a supplier for Vitamin A?

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