Could a Broccoli pill save your life?

Capsules containing a broccoli extract could help to prevent thousands of stroke death every year

Recent on-going study by the British Heart Foundation has set out to prove if broccoli, which is packed with the healing properties of a naturally occurring wonder chemical could become a game-changing treatment.

The study also attempts to show if the impact of a stroke could be significantly reduced by sulforaphane – which is released when lightly cooked broccoli is eaten.

Researchers are now investigating whether a simple supplement containing the equivalent of three to five weekly portions of sulforaphanerich vegetables could prevent potentially deadly brain bleeds.

Professor Jeremy Pearson, the charity’s associate medical director, said: “In the future we could see people taking a pill every day to prevent a stroke’s debilitating effects, much in the same way people currently take a statin to ward off a heart attack.”

Sulforaphane works by boosting a molecule called Nrf2, which protects cells by switching on antioxidant genes within cells and tissues that defend against attack.

Professor Giovanni Mann, of King’s College London, who is leading the research, said: “A pill containing sulforaphane could be a highly successful therapeutic to reduce brain damage associated with stroke.

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