Brexit and the Nutraceutical Industry

How will Brexit affect your business in the Nutraceutical Industry?

With article 50 (“Brexit”) triggered you might be wondering what happens now with the nutraceutical industry in the UK.

The answer although very much still up in the air and no definite decisions are likely to be made for at least eighteen months; but there are going to be some short term and long term effects which are :-

Short Term Impact(s)

Very little is likely to change regarding the current legislation that govern what we can sell and where we can sell it. In the short term and for the foreseeable future it is highly likely the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) will still likely govern the UK nutraceutical industry.

Long Term Impact(s)

The UK market continues to be the largest nutraceutical consumer in Europe with significant growth predicted. There is a possibility going forward that we may see greater innovation and demands for cutting edge products due to less restrictions.


Regardless of Brexit, the Nutraceutical sector is as indicated above predicted to significantly grow over the coming years meaning it is a great time to break into the industry.

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