Can cinnamon help fight against a high fat diet?

A recent study has appeared to show that Cinnamon can help to stop fat from high fat diets from settling around the belly.

The spice was found to slow the fat-storing process and lessen the risk of heart damage due to eating unhealthy foods.

The preliminary study, presented at an American Heart Association conference on Saturday, was conducted on rats but researchers are hopeful the same results would be seen in humans.

The research also showed that this potent ingredient can help to lower stomach temperature by up to two degrees which can aid in digestion.  This effect can also help to avoid damage to the stomach lining, reducing inflammation and help with many diseases of the gut.

A 2010 study  from the Center for Applied Health Sciences in Fairlawn, Ohio, also found that a cinnamon-water solution contains antioxidants that can cut the chances of becoming obese or diabetic by up to 23 percent.

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